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A Pet Peeve About Facebook

Look, ma, no wrinkles!

A quick look through my past posts will clearly show anyone who is curious that I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I even took about six months off from the social media giant last year (nobody noticed) after I realized I was becoming depressed when I didn’t get the attention I expected; that realization freaked me out a bit.

I’d like to think I was happier without constantly checking to see who liked my pictures or posts, but I’m not sure.  Of course there’s so much going on in my personal life these days, and last year, that any number of things could be affecting how I feel.

I know that Facebook doesn’t improve my life but I suppose it’s not making it too much worse either, especially now that I’ve unfollowed the very far right friends I never knew I had.  How did that happen?  Why did I think everyone in my friend’s list felt the same way as me regarding racism, misogyny, gender issues, civil rights, healthcare for all, upholding the Constitution, etc.?

But I digress.  And now to my pet peeve on Facebook which is far less polarizing than the aforementioned topics.  I think every couple months there’s a new thing that annoys me (the last one was how many people post pictures of their feet while on vacation–how dumb–we want to see your whole body, warts and all).  I’m sure next month will bring something new.  Rest assured, I will probably blog about it.

My latest annoyance is a combination of SnapChat and Facebook.  So many people are posting pictures of themselves on Facebook with ears like they’re a cat, a bunny, or some other adorable animal.  Stop it!  Really, people, you’re not cute.  Okay, maybe the first ten people who did it were cute but the people who do it every single day??  No…

I get it–everyone in my age bracket wants to look younger.  We want our photos to reflect how we feel inside even if the outside of our bodies won’t cooperate, but stop it with the ears!

God knows even I love the filters on SnapChat.  Who doesn’t want every single wrinkle erased and blemishes expertly smoothed out?  SnapChat filters make me look at least 10 years younger, and that’s probably a conservative estimate.  I’ve been known to (gasp) take many selfies on SnapChat just because the app makes me look a thousand times better than reality, but those photos go to my kids and nobody else.

My friends, listen to me…if you’ve worked out and you’re proud of yourself for kicking ass, I want to see your glistening face.  If you’re hanging out with your old friends from high school, let’s see you and your friends without the filters.  At the beach with the family?  For God’s sake, please stop taking photos of your feet and forget the damn ears and the bunny nose.

We are your Facebook friends and we want to see you.  Not the friendly woodland creature but you.  Not an unwrinkly version of you but the true you.

SnapChat filters are there to send funny pictures to your friends and family to make them laugh during their stressful days, and not to become your Facebook profile picture.  If you’re using the filters to make yourself feel better, that’s understandable, but it might be time to learn how to use Canva for that purpose.

End of rant.  Join in next month for what bugs me, or better yet, what’s bugging you?





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