Life Lessons

Quick & Dirty (But Not in the X-rated Sense)

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I have approximately 1/2 hour to write a post and get it out today to stay on the path toward my goal of writing two blog posts per week, and posting them on Tuesdays and Saturdays from now until the end of the year.  Failure to follow-through will have the consequence of either getting a job, joining five Meet-ups, or entering a body-building competition.  All three sound like something I would not be interested in, so here I am frantically typing about absolutely nothing, hence the title of Quick & Dirty.  This post will be quick and I don’t plan on editing.  Typos be damned!

Actually, I take that part of my consequences back.  I’ve been thinking about getting a job to make friends and get out into the world.  I’ve been holed up too long in my house and too long in my head.  The head part is where it’s scary.

Every time I think of getting a job, though, my stomach turns to liquid mush.  I become a nervous wreck.  My palms sweat.  What would I do?  Where would I work?  Do I have any skills at all other than complaining on a blog?  I suppose I have writing skills but could the writing skills I have be used for someone else?  I have to be completely passionate about something to write (or maybe I don’t really need to be passionate considering I’m writing all this nonsense).

Should I go work at Vitamin Shoppe (pronounced forever in my head Shop P)?  I certainly throw enough vitamins at Sam every morning.  I had to buy the XL vitamin caddy for her and I have filled both sides with promises of improved health.  I could use the discount if employees get one.  Should I go work at Medifast or some other diet company (not Jenny Craig–she hosted a party around the corner from me for trump #GrabYourWallet)?  I’ve obviously been on every diet there is and can certainly empathize with the clients.

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to work in food service or at a grocery store, maybe retail.  I could work at Kohl’s with my daughter.  I wonder how she’d feel about that?  Hmmm…CVS?  Doctor’s office?  Back in real estate?  A hotel?  Become a travel agent?  Perhaps I should apply for a job at my gym.  At least then I’d be there…

Because I’m so clueless as to what I should do next, a book mentioned in Tim Ferriss’s book caught my attention.  The book is called The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types.  Before you dismiss this book as something akin to astrology, don’t.  It’s nothing like that at all.  So far everything I’ve learned about my personality is true.  I also had Madison take the very short test and her results came out perfectly, too.

I’m a 9 on the Enneagram test.  No number is better than another–it is just a number.  9 is the Peacemaker: the easy-going, self-effacing type.  Also receptive, reassuring, agreeable and complacent.  My type will do anything to keep the peace whether it’s good for me or not.  Sound like me?  Yes.  9’s will walk into a party and feel like “I’m not a part of what is going on.  I am not like these other people.  I don’t fit it.”  Bingo!  That’s me.  It’s why 99 times out of 100, I will cancel my yes RSVP to a party–I hate walking in and feeling like I don’t belong.

I plan on using what I learn in The Wisdom of the Enneagram to figure out where I should work or volunteer in order to grow personally.  I’ve been keeping myself safe in order to always have peace.

Whatever I decide to do, you will be the first to know.