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6 Reasons to Smile November 2018

Devon and Brody reunited & it feels so good.

Yes, indeed, I am very behind in my 6 Reasons to Smile series post for November. I think it’s because I spent more time writing for Medium instead of for my own blog, and I ended up semi-burned out. Perhaps a mistake to change my focus but perhaps not. I’m still learning.

If you’ve never heard of Medium, it is another blogging platform writers can utilize, and I’ve been playing with it. The funny thing is that WordPress has adopted many of Medium’s features so I feel like I’m still over there.

I mistakenly thought that by posting on Medium I would have so many more followers and a larger audience for my writing by now, but one thing is for sure–if you have that goal for yourself, you have to post every single day. You have to consistently create worthwhile content and you have to be willing to give it away for free.

Lots of people are doing it, but at some point, I got tired of constantly writing for the nearly non-existent followers, and took a break.

And here I am, back at my own blog, sharing with the people who have been with me a long time.

Without further ado, here are the top reasons I smiled in November:

  1. Devon and her fiance, Ben, arrived on November 1st. I had not seen my firstborn since August when we were in Chicago. Even then, it was only for 24 hours. Devon and Ben had their engagement photos taken while they were here in San Diego. The above photo is just a teeny sample of the magical combination of love and a talented photographer.
We voted to take back our country!

2. We made it a family thang and walked over to the polling place to vote. I was still jet-lagged from my two week trip to Philadelphia and it certainly showed in this photo, but oh, well. We freaking voted.

3. My middle daughter was so passionate about this year’s election that she recruited her best friend from kindergarten to come meet us at the polling place and vote. It was Madison’s first time voting. Fun fact: Both girls have the same name, the same birthday, were born in the same hospital, and live right around the corner from each other.

Ben, Devon, & Nick go axe throwing.

4. I didn’t know this was a thing, but Ben, Devon, and Nick went axe throwing. In San Diego. Go figure. Nick got a great video of Devon throwing her axe and getting a bullseye. She always was very coordinated, competitive, and athletic!

5. Although I didn’t take a single picture on Thanksgiving, I certainly smiled because the turkey came out perfectly. Ever since I discovered the ultimate turkey trick, I’ve never had a dry turkey. Thanks, Bobby Flay!

6. It may seem weird to pay attention to a house’s birthday but that’s just something I do–I’m sentimental like that. My husband and I moved into our current house 20 years ago in November. Prior to moving into this house, I had never lived in one spot for this long ever before. I often moved several times per year. When we bought our first home, we were only there for a total of 2 1/2 years. Truly remarkable that we’re still here. Too many changes to mention but the same house nonetheless.

I know it’s almost too hard to remember, but what made you smile in November? Leave a comment or two below.


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