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Pain, Pain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

I’ve been to many chiropractors before but none have the same system as Dr. Michael Berry of La Costa Chiropractic.  When I walk into Dr. Berry’s office, I am greeted like an old friend.  Diane not only remembers my name (gasp, in this day and age?) but even though she hasn’t seen me in a… Continue reading Pain, Pain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

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Friends In Real Life

Another birthday passed last month.  I was depressed but didn’t think too much about it because I’m always depressed around my birthday.  I know why I’m depressed, know I can’t (or I’m not willing to) do anything about it, and I know it passes.  Every single year my birthday comes (thank God for that), the… Continue reading Friends In Real Life

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Pearl Gets Pawsitively (groan) Polished at Unleashed

I must admit that after taking a trip to Turkey and Greece recently, my summer has slipped quickly into monotony.  This is truly sad given that I live in such an amazing city in the U.S.  My only excuse is that my daughter is taking a class in the afternoon four days a week and… Continue reading Pearl Gets Pawsitively (groan) Polished at Unleashed