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Thoughtful or -less

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am not telling you this because I want a whole bunch of Happy Birthdays, but I’m telling you because it explains why I received a gift from a friend of mine. Let me give you a little back story.  About once a month or so, I meet with two friends… Continue reading Thoughtful or -less


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What I’ve Noticed Today Is…Facebook is Fantastic for Fathers

My love/hate relationship with Facebook continues but I’ve recently noticed something that had not been readily apparent to me before, and that is Facebook has brought out the sweetness in my male friends who have recently become fathers. One friend of mine posts so many cute pictures of his newborn son that I feel as… Continue reading What I’ve Noticed Today Is…Facebook is Fantastic for Fathers

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Top 10 Silly Things I am Grateful For

Facebook has made it so that trends start easily.  Ideas by one can catch on by many.  I can’t remember where or when this trend of sharing daily posts about what one is grateful for got started.  To me, it’s not a worthwhile exercise.  I start to read what someone wrote about being grateful for… Continue reading Top 10 Silly Things I am Grateful For

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#5Things4 Me — September 23, 2013

Yeah, I’m a week behind in my #5Things4Me challenge.  Why?  Because I have such a hard time doing things for myself, and it’s not as if I don’t want to, it’s just that I get tired, busy, or stretched way too thin so the things that I’ve set aside for me get pushed off the… Continue reading #5Things4 Me — September 23, 2013