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Why You Should Wait to Share Vacation Photos on Facebook

A few months ago, while on a family vacation in Washington, DC, my mom sent a text and asked, “I thought you were in DC.”  I replied that I was but I wasn’t posting pictures because my oldest daughter was staying in our house alone and I didn’t want to advertise that the majority of… Continue reading Why You Should Wait to Share Vacation Photos on Facebook

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Post-Departum Depression

In today’s post, I would like to suggest adding post-departum depression to the DSM VI as a certifiable mental health condition.  Why?  Because for two years in a row, I’ve been suffering with this affliction.  I wouldn’t have mentioned it had it not happened two consecutive years.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to… Continue reading Post-Departum Depression

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It’s All Part of My Service

In early December, my husband and I planned a trip to Las Vegas.  I managed to farm out our two younger kids to friends’ houses, and our oldest daughter was slated to pet-sit Pearl, our rambunctious Labradoodle.  However, things didn’t quite happen the way they were supposed to and my oldest was unable to pet-sit. … Continue reading It’s All Part of My Service