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Going to StickK with It

For the longest time I’ve been trying to find ways in which to help myself stay on the right path for my long list of goals.  I’ve listened to paraliminals, read books, bought calendars to list out what I plan to do, meditated, told people my plans, etc., but nothing has worked for me. Being… Continue reading Going to StickK with It


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War of the Radishes

I remember a time in my youth when I complained to my mom that I was hungry and needed a snack.  Did she pull out a satisfying sleeve of graham crackers?  How about a salty/sweet peanutty Snickers bar?  Or heck even a cheese stick or two? No.  No.  And no. She told me to go… Continue reading War of the Radishes

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Community Supported Agriculture Version 2.0

I love my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so much that I need to tell you all about it.  I realize it’s not open to everyone in the US, but as long as you’re located in California, there is a chance that Farm Fresh to You is available in your area.  You can check here to… Continue reading Community Supported Agriculture Version 2.0

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#5Things4 Me — September 23, 2013

Yeah, I’m a week behind in my #5Things4Me challenge.  Why?  Because I have such a hard time doing things for myself, and it’s not as if I don’t want to, it’s just that I get tired, busy, or stretched way too thin so the things that I’ve set aside for me get pushed off the… Continue reading #5Things4 Me — September 23, 2013

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Magic for Your Mouth: Chef Matthew Prepares Vegan Caprese

When Chef Matthew Purnell informed the class of women surrounding him he was going to make a vegan caprese salad, I thought, “This’ll be interesting” with the heart of a skeptic. I mean, how does one make a vegan caprese when one of the three featured ingredients is mozzarella cheese? I love caprese salad and… Continue reading Magic for Your Mouth: Chef Matthew Prepares Vegan Caprese