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Photographer for a Month: Week 1

Despite the numerous setbacks for the week, I managed to take a picture every single day except one, and the one day had a very good reason.  I had to get an MRI of my neck, and because I am incredibly claustrophobic, I was heavily drugged.  There were no pictures taken on Thursday that I… Continue reading Photographer for a Month: Week 1

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Photographer for a Month

One of my goals this year was to become a better photographer.  For some reason, I don’t take particularly good photos; however, I wanted that to change and 2016 is the year I follow-through. In March I bought a powerful camera from my daughter and haven’t used it much.  After going through the beginning classes… Continue reading Photographer for a Month

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Finding Pleasure In the Everyday Things

Turns out, it’s far easier for me to focus on finding pleasure in everyday things than it is to take the shoulds out of my life or to follow through on the 6 word days game. I easily found the pleasure in my Friday night’s massage, immense pleasure in the goose bump inducing warmth of… Continue reading Finding Pleasure In the Everyday Things