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Writing in Circles

Obviously, I’ve completely fallen off the writing wagon and my excuse is getting old.  I’m planning on continuing to blame Trump but then write anyway because I have to get back to something that brings me joy and keeps me productive. I’ve done a lot of work around the house but I’ve done no internal… Continue reading Writing in Circles


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Nighttime Routine for Most Nights

Having a writing coach has certainly kept me accountable, especially during this difficult time of being sick and having to produce some seriously fun birthday plans for my daughter’s 16th birthday.  Both have taxed my creativity and energy to the max.  With the birthday party, I have resorted to using ideas from previous years that… Continue reading Nighttime Routine for Most Nights

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Maybe I Should Have Fingerpainted Instead

When given the homework of doing something artistic, I never thought I would actually follow-through.  In fact, I gave myself permission to skip this exercise because when I say that I’m a terrible drawer/painter/Play-doh sculpture maker, I’m not being humble, I’m being accurate. However, I decided to give it the old college try.  Feeling somewhat… Continue reading Maybe I Should Have Fingerpainted Instead

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Brainwave Technology: The New Wave in Complementary Health

Recently, I completed an online writing course.  I must stress the word completed because before I discovered Immrama Institute, I would have started but never finished any course no matter how interested I was in the topic. At my age, I was finally diagnosed with ADD–it’s not that I didn’t know this already but I… Continue reading Brainwave Technology: The New Wave in Complementary Health