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Today is Tattoo Thursday

Snowflakes 2Many, many years, I wanted to get a tattoo but each time I thought about it, my insides turned to gelatin and I didn’t follow through.  I blamed this lack of follow-through on the fact that I hadn’t selected a design but looking back, I know it was fear of the pain.

Back then, I thought I wanted a moon, specifically, a full moon, but I couldn’t imagine finding a design that didn’t turn out looking like an oatmeal cookie.  Sounds like a hollow excuse now.

In October of 2015, while on a vacation in Pennsylvania, I came up with the final tattoo plan: it was to be three snowflakes to represent each of my children.  Every snowflake is unique, and despite the fact that all three girls came from me, they are all incredibly different.

And, I love snow and used to take walks through my neighborhood in Devon, PA every time it snowed while everyone else stayed inside, cozy and warm.  There’s nothing more beautiful than the first snow on pine trees gently swaying in the wind.  And the insane quiet of my muffled steps as I’m the first to make the path. Nothing is that quiet.  I miss those days and hope to one day to get back to the beautiful white streets.

Googling snowflake designs, I discovered this site that tells the meanings behind various tattoos and I found the meaning behind snowflakes to be perfect for me in every way (courtesy of

  • The primary symbol of the snowflake is uniqueness. When you look at snow from the distance, it looks like a massive blanket. On closer inspection, though, you find that it’s made up of many entirely unique flakes. They all have different patterns and measurements. Thus, the snowflake can be a symbol of one’s individuality.
  • Snowflakes are delicate and short-lived, and can therefore represent fragility and the fleeting nature of life.
  • When we see snow falling from the sky, we are instantly reminded of the winter holidays. In modern times, the snowflake is a symbol of Christmas and Christ’s birth.
  • There is something special about the way a snowflake descends from the heavens, making it a symbol of grace.
  • Unlike rain, snow is a perfect example of quietness, as it makes no noise falling from the sky.
  • Their shape make them a prime example of divine beauty in nature.
  • The snowflake can be a symbol of rebirth. Snow makes the earth look clean and fresh. This is why snowflakes can also be a symbol of purity. When it melts it’s transformed into water, making it a suitable symbol for transformation and new beginnings.

Today is the day I fight my fear of pain, looking like a fool while in pain, and get my tattoo done.  Bucket List Item #1 checked off.  I’m not backing out.




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