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Gratitude: Where I Name Names

man-with-open-arms-on-the-top-of-the-mountain-picjumbo-comI’m coming in late for the Find Your Awesome challenge.  I started it last month and then lost my steam.  The Find Your Awesome Challenge is 30 days of self love created by author, Judy Clement Wall.  This challenge is difficult for me to try to fulfill since I’m mostly filled with self-mehing but in the spirit of finding my awesome, I’ll share with you a list of people I am grateful for:

  1. Devon–my daughter has taught me to rethink my self-imposed limitations, and because of this, I am grateful.
  2. Madison–my second daughter, Madison, who showed me how to get and give hugs every day; I’m grateful for the fountain of love.
  3. Sam–I’m so grateful for the insanely interesting conversations we’ve had.  She thinks so far outside the box that she is the box; she makes connections and sees things I’ve never seen before.
  4. My sister–I’m grateful she’s there to listen to me without judgment and provides great solutions.
  5. Milli–for being a nonstop cheerleader even when the stuff I’ve written is crap.  I’m grateful for the positive words even when I really don’t deserve them.
  6. D–I’m so grateful for everything; I think I learned the most about life and myself from you.  Some of it was not great but if we’re to accept ourselves, it has to be warts and all, right?  Unconditional acceptance.
  7. Pam and Suzy–I’m so grateful that they accepted me back into their lives even after a decades long absence.
  8. Pearl–my dog.  Grateful again for the unconditional acceptance and love.  I’m so grateful she looks into my eyes and sees nothing bad even when I’ve been terrible.
  9. My neighbors for tolerating me for 19 years.
  10. The cashiers at my grocery store who treat me like Norm from Cheers.
  11. Sandi–for knowing all my secrets and still willing to talk to me for 2 1/2 hours.  All this patience and acceptance and I’ve never met her in person.  What…you ask??  That’s a story for another time.
  12. Billy, my cat, for showing me that you can start out being nearly feral but people can tame your wild heart.
  13. Estrella, another person I don’t know, but I’m grateful for because she has given me many writing ideas and she makes sure I follow-through with writing them!
  14. My grandparents–even though they died a long time ago, they showed me that true love between a man and a woman does exist and that a real man isn’t ashamed to show the world how much his woman is loved.
  15. My mom who showed me how to take responsibility for all my actions.
  16. My dad for expecting an exceptional work ethic from me.

Since I nearly included the world, I will end it there.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Where I Name Names

  1. Aww, you’re too sweet! I am also grateful for you being in my life even from across the seas. You’ve listened to me when I was upset, and needed to vent, and have given me some pretty cool writing ideas – even if only in the form of me telling you about stuff and then deciding it’s interesting enough to shape into a blog post or travel article!
    I look forward to giving you more ideas, and helping you follow through with writing them out. Can’t wait to read this month’s travel article 😀

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