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One of Each

43702486 - spa lavender arrangement
Wishing my drawer looked more like this: one of each product, not 15

We moved out of our house in January of 2016 to escape the dust and debris from the remodeling of our home.  It was the day after Christmas in December of 2015 when I first started packing up the house after being in the same home for over 17 years.  I swore to God that I would never again have so many things that I’d need five boxes just for the Master Bathroom.

Fast forward two years and you probably already know what I’m going to say.  Yes, it has happened again, although not as bad, but I swore it wouldn’t even get this close.

The other day while rummaging through the drawer under my sink, I noticed I had several moisturizers.  Some of the face moisturizers were bought in bulk because I buy them from BeautyCounter so those don’t really count because I use the BeautyCounter moisturizer every single day and so do all my girls.  When I do make a purchase from BeautyCounter, I always stock up because otherwise it never fails that four of us are out of moisturizer at the same time which is a disaster during a Santa Ana, believe me.  You don’t want to experience it!  It burns, it burns!

But even with the bulk purchase excuse, I still had 15 containers of various moisturizing products.  What in the hell?  How’d that happen?  One of them came from Scotland so that’s the only one that’s special–the rest are body butters, body moisturizers, hand moisturizers, nighttime moisturizers, daytime moisturizers, calming facial oils, etc., etc., etc. and that doesn’t even include the three containers of scented scrubbing sugars with oils.  Ugh.  Too much stuff.

I’ve decided that there are no more purchases of any beauty products, especially moisturizers, until there are no more in the drawer.  So, fair warning, I may be going through withdrawals should you come into contact with me.  I’m allowed to try out new products at the stores I visit but I’m not allowed to buy.

What are some of your favorite moisturizers or body products?  Do you use them daily?  Have you stuck with one brand or do you bounce around based on price or having a coupon?  Let me know below!





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