Opinion Piece

Who Moved My Fork?

Fork in the Road Placed at a Fork in the RoadThe other day I was driving home in my Prius and not really thinking about anything in particular.  The amount of driving I do makes me kind of zone out.  Don’t think that I’m not paying attention — I am — but when it comes to entering my own neighborhood, nothing much changes so I don’t usually have to be on the look-out for any dangers.  I know when to hang a left or veer to the right — it’s a no brainer.

That all changed when I veered right just like any other day but something caught my eye.  My brain noticed something was different but it was so different that it almost didn’t register.  Was that a FORK?! at the fork in the road?  I looked in my rear view mirror, and sure as hell, it was a fork.  I laughed out loud, something I never do alone in the car, and vowed to go back to visit.

At dinner, I told my family about the fork in the road.  They didn’t believe me and thought I was exaggerating about its size.  They had me so convinced I must be mistaken that I began to doubt my own story.  Before the dinner dishes were cleared from the table, I grabbed a daughter and said, “Let’s go see the fork.”  I left everything where it was on the dinner table (including my own forks) and hopped into the car.

My daughter and I drove to the site, and she laughed the moment she saw it.  We got a photo from the car at the first pass but it wasn’t perfect so I had to make a loop around and try again.  I still wasn’t happy with the picture, so we went around yet again.  We laughed so hard each time I had to pull a u-bee because we could imagine the neighbors saying, “Well, here comes that Prius again.  Should we call the cops?”

Finally on the third attempt, I decided whatever we had was “good enough” to remember the Fork in the Road.

Fortunately I was that persistent in getting a decent photo because the City of Carlsbad took it down the next day.

A week has passed and I still hope that the city brings it back.  There have been various protests by the local community in the form of forks; I even came up with my own protest (and never followed through), but the beautiful silver fork designed by a retired teacher has not been put back.


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