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What I’ve Noticed Today is…

What I’ve noticed today is that sometimes I have nothing truly profound to say.  You may even argue that I never have anything deep to share, and I may chuckle and agree.

However, today I do have something to say — it’s about how people are treating their friends.  What I’ve noticed today is the lack of respect given to one’s peers by not showing up at events.

You get invited to an event, you RSVP yes, and you’re supposed to go, right?  You’ve committed to go share the special event with your friend and her other friends.  In essence, you have said “You are important to me” when you click the “Yes, I will attend” button.

But then as the big event approaches, you start regretting your enthusiastic “Sure!” and begin to ponder how you’re going to get out of going.

It is so easy to send a regret-filled email, direct a tweet to the birthday girl, quickly jot a Facebook message, change your response on an Evite, and even easier to just send a text.

I am guilty of this, too.  Don’t think that I’ve never done this because I have.  I still have terrible, horrible guilt for an event I didn’t go to last year.  The reason I didn’t go is even more shameful than I’m willing to admit (no, I didn’t attend a more appealing event; it was due to leftover wreckage from my childhood).

But now I have been a witness to the fallout from two recent events where many people said, “Heck, yeah, I’m a comin’ to see you,” that suddenly turned into “It’s not going to work out for me.”  The final word of that sentence says it all — for me.

When did someone inviting another person to a birthday party or some other kind of gathering become about the invitee, and not about the person hosting the event?

“It’s not going to work out for me.”  Hmmm….then why did you reply yes?

I don’t understand when it became perfectly acceptable to cancel at the very last minute?  And I mean day of.  Like a few minutes after the party started, or worse yet, not mentioning anything at all.  No apology.  No whoops email.  Nothing but dead air.

In this day and age of reduced human interaction, I think it is important to make the extra effort to put your friends before your wine drinking in sweatpants in front of the TV time.  Sometimes you just must get gussied up and go even though you don’t feel like it.

I have a party this weekend, and I seriously hope that I’m not the only one there.


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