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#ShiftCon2018 is Coming & I’m GOING!

So many Beautycounter products, so little time!

Note:  I was not paid for this post but my ticket to ShiftCon2018 will be comped in exchange for volunteering at the convention; however my opinions are my own.

Nearly two years ago, I signed up to go to ShiftCon.  I’m not sure why I did it.  I think someone posted the information about ShiftCon in a group I was in, but my memory fails me as I try to recall what prompted me to commit to an entire weekend at a conference I had never heard of before.  My brain was in a constant fog at the time due to an out-of-control thyroid issue (see what I said about it here: Hashimotos), so please cut me some slack.

I went to ShiftCon and was completely overwhelmed with all the information provided.  First, let me back up.  What is ShiftCon?  “ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability and platform growth.”  What does that mean in English?  It means that if you’re concerned about the food your family eats, what products you put on your body or on the bodies of those you love, or concerned about the planet we all share, and you write about your concerns, then this is the place for you, but be prepared to have your mind blown, and be prepared for overwhelm.  I hobbled back to my room at the Marriott for midday naps and “I’m introverted” breaks.

As I sit here now and reflect on my experience, I know that although I’m not perfect in always picking the right foods or the right products, but ShiftCon welcomes “every shade of green,” and even those who aren’t green at all.  Perhaps after attending the conference and armed with information from scientists and regular, everyday folks, you will make some changes.  After all, ‘shift happens.’

And shift did happen with me.  I attended many of the talks given about the make-up industry because I have used make-up and all sorts of things on my body to make me smell nice, to make me feel nice, and to maybe spare myself from spotting too many wrinkles when I look in the mirror.  And now that my girls are heavily into make-up, I wanted to have as much information as possible about the products they are using.

I made a huge shift over to a company called Beautycounter, and changed out many of the beauty products I buy from companies that clearly don’t have my best interest in mind.  Beautycounter is a company that checks off all the boxes when it comes to being a responsible company.  Their talks about what goes into make-up scared me, but they also explained why make-up and other beauty products need preservatives.  What impressed me is that Beautycounter is a direct sales company but it truly puts its money where its mouth is.  There’s nothing shady going into any of their bottles.  And they make sure their containers are as recyclable as possible.

Without ShiftCon, I may not have heard about my favorite company, Beautycounter, and would not have understood why I needed to make the change.  The best part is that the products really work even though they don’t have the benefit of the laundry list of preservatives or additives.  And the biggest bonus is the products smell fantastic.  I love them all.  They smell citrusy but not in an overpowering way.  My favorite is a tie between the Nourishing Day Cream (I use it every single day and so do my girls–always have lots on hand) and the Citrus Rosemary body oil.  The Nourishing Day Cream is light and dries very quickly.  I wear it under my make-up.  I tend to use the Citrus Rosemary body oil if I’ve been using my sauna too much and/or in the Winter.  Body oil seems to annoy me during the hot summer.

A favorite of mine & at least 2 teens in my home.

I also made the shift to using balls instead of dryer sheets in my laundry thanks to a great hall of vendors where I got to handle products (food, personal care, and others), and speak with the owners and the representatives in person.  The hall of vendors was one of my favorite parts of ShiftCon 2016 in Manhattan Beach.  The free samples were free flowing!  My daughter loves one of the face washes I brought back in my bag of goodies from ShiftCon and we’ve been buyers ever since.  Bella Organics is one of the companies where I got the opportunity to talk to the owners in person.

What I know for sure is that for ShiftCon2018, I will need a better plan for my schedule than the last time.  At the 2016 event, I had no plan, so I rarely made it to the some of the best speaker events.  I did, however, make it to Gunnar Lovelace’s talk and it brought me to tears.  He started Thrive Market and one of the ways in which Thrive Market gives back is for every membership purchased, one membership is given to a low-income person.  This is because Gunnar is the product of a single-mother household where money was tight.  Not too many single moms out there are able to buy organic, GMO-free foods and body products while on a budget.  As the product of a single mom myself, I can relate.  We didn’t always have the best food so I can appreciate that Mr. Lovelace’s philanthropic endeavors favor single moms.

I’m not sure who I’m looking forward to seeing in person this time because I was surprised at the quality of the speakers last time.  They were intelligent, engaging, humor-filled talks given by people who really care about the products they produce but also about the people they produce them for, and the environment they produce them in.  You will just have to stay tuned until after the event is over to see if I had a favorite speaker.

Are you interested in joining me at ShiftCon Social Media Conference in Irvine, CA, on February 1-3rd, 2018?    It’s not only a lot of fun, but you meet like-minded people, discover products you may have never heard of before, learn important things you need to know to protect your health, and you will walk away with enough swag for a year!  I’m not kidding–I needed to make two trips from the hotel to my car.  Bonus is that if you have a blog, you will have enough writing material for two years or more!

ShiftCon 2018 is coming and I’m going, are you?



4 thoughts on “#ShiftCon2018 is Coming & I’m GOING!

  1. I don’t do conferences, but this one sounds like it changed your life! My daughter is the new Beauty Editor for NYLON Magazine. They’re having the annual Beauty Awards issue in September (I think). Will be looking for this product to see if it made their picks!

    1. Beautycounter makes amazing products that actually work and without the chemicals. The owner of the company is passionate about keeping the bad stuff out but still having an effective product. She has even testified before Congress!

      The lipsticks are fantastic. From the picture you can probably tell that I don’t want to run out!

      Congratulations to your daughter on her new career. I know she’ll be a smashing success!

  2. ShiftCon in New Orleans was my first and it blew my mind. I’ve got the science background, but still went into overload at the sessions. Beautycounter is on my list of companies to start supporting as I ditch the rest of my toxic skin care and makeup.

    1. It’s oddly comforting to know that even with a science background, you were overwhelmed, too! So much out there to know, take in, understand what it means for our families, and then applying that knowledge. I think I left ShiftCon and went home to sleep but then couldn’t rest knowing my mattress was probably offgassing! 😂

      What you don’t know can hurt you. Now that I’m more “awake” after addressing my health issue, I’m hoping more information will stick.

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