What I’ve Noticed Today Is…

What I’ve noticed today is how many of my Facebook friends have no problem asking me to do things for them but when I ask for a return favor — either in the same breath I’m telling them I will do what they ask, or days or weeks later, they frequently don’t follow through.

I am talking about those people who need my vote (sometimes a daily vote!) or my 5-star review of their product or services on Yelp.

It amazes me at how people have become so greedy asking for my help but then won’t respond in kind.  I think the problem is technology.  Asking for something from someone via technology requires nothing except a few keystrokes and then the ability to click send.  Asking for something in person takes skill, practice, and confidence.

Imagine walking down the street and your friend comes up to you and doesn’t say hi or doesn’t engage in any conversation at all, he just blurts out, “I need your vote on my new app in the Apple store.  Will you stop what you’re doing right now and vote?”  And then he walks off leaving you feeling shell-shocked.

That would never happen because it takes a certain amount of finesse to ask someone to do something in person, but with email, it’s easy to do a quick, “Hey, how are you doing?  Great, I hope.  I was wondering if you’d do me a favor and vote for my product.  Here’s the link.  Thanks.”

I don’t mind doing what my friends want and need.  I enjoy helping people get ahead.  I want them to succeed, but what I also want them to know is that reciprocation is a lovely way of saying thank you.


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