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What I Noticed Today Is….My Friend’s Daughter

No doubt there is more to the story, but when a child in 7th grade is given a detention for working ahead of the class, there is clearly something wrong with the educational system.

The call came in on Wednesday to my friend from the teacher.  I cannot imagine how that conversation went although she shared a portion of it with me.

Ring, ring.

Mom:  Hello?

Teacher:  Hi, Mrs. Soandso, this is Ms. NotThinkingThingsAllTheWayThrough

Mom:  Good morning, Ms. N.  What can I help you with?

Teacher:  Well, your good student has been consistently working ahead in class, and this is a problem.

Mom:  Oh, I’m sorry.  Is she being disruptive when she’s done with the work to her classmates.

Teacher:  No…

Mom:  Is she bothering you or creating extra work for you?

Teacher:  No…, she’s working ahead of her schoolmates and making them feel badly about being behind, so I’m going to give her a detention.


From my understanding, she is being given a detention for making people feel badly about being average, normal, or at grade level.  This does not seem like a reasonable reason to punish.  In fact, isn’t this whole country enamored of the innovators?  The people whose quick thinking and intelligence brought us so many amazing inventions probably never got this kind of phone call home.

How would we have ever had our iPads, iPods, electric cars, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., etc. without people who probably normally worked ahead of their classmates?

I know what I would do with this notice of detention.  How about you?


7 thoughts on “What I Noticed Today Is….My Friend’s Daughter

    1. You know how I would vote!! Teacher of the year 2014 for sure!!

      I told my daughter and her friend that a friend of mine’s daughter got a detention. I asked them if they would guess what she had done. They answered with: cheated on a test? Nope. Brought drugs to school? Um, no. Talked back to the teacher? No… Forget their homework too many days? No, quite the opposite in fact.

      When I told them the reason they were as outraged as I am. The girls are in 7th grade just like my friend’s daughter.

      I’m waiting to hear if the girl got off with a warning…this time….

  1. Another example of the “No CHild Left Behind” act working against our children. How frustrating.

    1. Well it seems like this girl has left her WHOLE class behind. LOL.

      This “No Child Left Behind” Act needs to go — although is that the goal with the new Common Core curriculum? I think I need to delve into that can ‘o worms pretty soon. Sigh. I thought my youngest daughter wouldn’t be a part of the new curriculum because she’s at a charter school. Sadly, they are adopting the new standards.

  2. I can’t imagine what I would say – probably some things I would be embarrassed to have recorded. So curious to know the second half of the story… like what is your friend going to do to show how outraged she is and furthermore correct the wrong against her daughter?

  3. Hmm, unless she is explicitly taunting her classmates out loud after being ahead of class, I really don’t see why this should be a reason for detention… I’ve had classmates get ahead in class, and that only helped the rest of us, as one teacher can’t help every student out at the same time.

    1. And that’s the rub, she is not a braggy child. She’s quiet, respectful, and just does her work. There is absolutely no intelligent reason to punish this girl for working at a faster pace than her classmates.

      Thank you for chiming in. Hope you’re doing wonderfully well in this New Year!!

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