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6 Word Days: Making It a Habit to Play

I must admit that my 6 Word Days homework got forgotten numerous times until one of my online friends I’ve never met, Estrella Azul, joined in and said she would play with me.  Having someone to interact in this game is very important otherwise I’m sending random words out to the Twitterverse, and truth be told, I need the accountability.

The following is a summary of my 6 Word Days and an explanation I would have given if I had more than 6 words to do so.


Massaged the knots out of neck–My neck has been bothering me so much lately.  I think it’s time for a doctor visit but I’m hanging on and seeing a massage therapist and an acupuncturist.  I’m sure the doctor will order an MRI and that requires a sedative because climbing into an MRI machine sends my heart rate to well over 100.  Can anybody relate? Between the massage therapist and the acupuncturist, I have managed to keep my neck pain in the 1-2 range (out of 10).  It’s there but it’s not taking over my day.

Watched Groundhog Day last night again–I love that movie.  Watching Bill Murray change over the course of the film from jerk to gentleman always gets to me.  I cried a wee bit because I miss Pennsylvania and because who wouldn’t want a man to change that much for her?

The diablo wind kept me awake–We’re staying in a rental for a few months and the guy who owns this place has a whole lot of deferred maintenance.  One of the items on this guy’s list that should have been replaced years ago are the windows and the solar system on the roof.  The owner doesn’t even think the solar works any more.  With the incredibly high winds at the coast (47 mph with gusts higher), there was no sleeping through the bucking solar panels and the whistling windows.

Tired-Went to bed at 8–Too much stress and thinking can make me stay awake all night.  I’d had too many sleepless nights in a row.  Truth be told, I passed out at 7, woke up to wash my face, take out my contacts, and fell into bed again at 8.  Slept all the way through to the alarm and, like a greedy billionaire, I wanted more.

Increased my walking pace again today–I looked over at the guy next to me while I was on a treadmill at my gym.  I thought, “Poor guy, he’s got an air tank.  I bet he’s barely moving.”  Turns out, we were going the same exact speed.  #FacePalm  I immediately upped my pace and threw in an incline.  Currently, I’m up to 4.5 mph from 4.0 in one week!

Dishwasher in rental is causing trouble and I cook a lot every day–The lack of a dishwasher is causing major headaches.  Another deferred maintenance issue for the slumlord wannabe.  I cook two meals per day from scratch which means there’s a lot of dishes.  I subscribed to a meal plan (I will review it next week) to learn how to make things that are bursting with high quality nutrients which means that I’ve been running the dishwasher twice per day (it’s better to run the dishwasher in the current drought rather than wash the dishes by hand).  Needless to say, the amazing amount of dishes on the counter right now is daunting.

In this week’s homework from the e-guide 52 Weeks: 52 Ways in Which to Love Your (Wild) Self, I am to write myself a love letter.  How appropriate that this will become part of the Valentine’s Day weekend post.  I know this will be difficult for me and I will have to take the entire week to find a way in which I love myself but I’m sure it will be worth the effort if only to inspire me to keep on my health journey.

How about you, will you write yourself a love letter?  You don’t have to share it with me or anyone else.  It will simply be enough to know that you do, in fact, love yourself.





2 thoughts on “6 Word Days: Making It a Habit to Play

  1. I love that you decided to post here your daily six words and also elaborate on them – so nice to read more about each day 🙂

    Reading this today I can’t believe it’s been a week since I joined you in playing six word days! I’ll see if I can keep it up until Sunday at least. But in case not, here’s today’s:
    “Booked two places for summer holiday.” – we’re a bit undecided, and the prices were really good, so I booked a place in Budapest, and another in Miskolctapolca. We have free cancellation until August 5th, so surely we’ll decide by then!

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