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Top 5 for Friday, July 8, 2016

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I’ll make this quick because I know you’re busy.

Top 5 Ways I Use My iPhone That Do Not Involve Calling Someone

5.  I take pictures of things I want to remember whether it’s a recipe, a phone number, a supplement, a referral to a plumber, a review of a product or service, or where I’ve parked my car in a parking garage.  It’s a quick reminder of things currently important to me in my life.

4.  I use my iPhone to educate myself on all things health and happiness.  Nothing like amazing podcasts from people to increase my knowledge from people like Dave Asprey (Bulletproof), Dr. Rhonda Patrick (Found My Fitness), Tony Robbins (Um, you’ve probably heard of him), NPR, and for some comic relief, I listen to Another Round.

3.  Logging into my account on, I use my iPhone to meditate.  Since I need help meditating, I love listening to Paul Scheele through my earbuds although I am definitely not a great practitioner since I frequently fall asleep while listening.  Apparently sleeping does not qualify as meditating.

2.  Like so many others, I use my iPhone in other parts of the world for navigation.  Without this handy accessory on my phone, I’d still be walking around Washington DC trying to find my hotel.

1.I use my iPhone to make me laugh during a stressful day.  How do I do that?  Through the SnapChat app.  Taking a picture of myself and seeing some of their special photo treatments sometimes makes me laugh so hard, I can’t stop.  My girls love to see me laugh completely out of control and will sometimes share what’s new with SnapChat just to see me snort.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my list of the top 5 ways I use my iPhone that do not involve calling someone.  What do you use your iPhone for?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 for Friday, July 8, 2016

  1. Love your list! What a great idea to document what you use your iPhone for besides calling people.

    Mine is an LG, but here’s what I use my smartphone for aside from calling people:
    – Period Tracker – I can not for the life of me remember a due date if I don’t check this app. I also add in notes for each specific day with blood pressure, weight and any doctor’s appointment when applicable.
    – photos – I love my camera, but my phone is the one that’s always with me so I do the same as you.
    – Instagram – kinda ties in with photos, since I post at least one picture every day, but I don’t log into Facebook and Twitter much anymore, so this serves as triple duty and I post something in three places with one tap.
    – notes – I have Google Keep on my phone and use it for most every list and note I might need, like grocery list, things to fix around the house, places I want to visit, and entrance codes which I always always forget.
    – weather check – I have AccuWeather, which is one of the most accurate weather apps I’ve ever used. This is at the bottom of the list, though, because I usually forget to check the weather. On most days, I ask my boyfriend what the weather is going to be like and he checks his AccuWeather on his phone 😉

    1. I love your list! I forgot about the period tracker which is funny since my husband created an app surrounding women’s monthly cycles. At one point, he knew way more than I did about women and their periods!

      I use Wunderlist on a daily basis but mainly for grocery lists. I go to the grocery store every single day which seems very inefficient but because of my health issues, some days I feel like creating a six course meal and on others, I feel like making beans and rice (one from the can and one from the freezer aisle).

      I will look into Google Keep and see if it’s better than Wunderlist. There is no doubt that I love checking off things from my to do list, especially now that my list has gotten exceptionally long. Am I freaking out? Um, yeah, a little…

      Checking the weather is on my daily to-do list although I don’t know why since Southern California weather doesn’t vary by much. Lately it’s been 72 degrees-79 degrees during the day and about 65 degrees at night. I wouldn’t consider the weather app on my phone super accurate. At times I will check it and it will say the high for the day is 72 degrees and it will show that it’s already 75 degrees. Well, I guess it’s accurate enough!

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