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Yes, We Are One of THOSE Families

Greetings from chaos.  I’m in the middle of trying to get my yard finished so that I can decorate for Christmas.  I have no tree, only three presents bought, and everything for the house is in storage–a facility I’m too lazy to drive to.  The only thing I’ve accomplished recently is I’ve gotten the garage cleaned up enough to squeeze two cars in (we live in California where a garage is the only storage place).

Oh, and in the midst of chaos, my dog had a birthday so we celebrated it.  Yes, we are one of THOSE families.  We celebrate Pearl, our 7-year-old Labradoodle who has not only enhanced our lives but has also probably saved at least two of us from a heart attack or stroke through all the daily walks over the past 2 years, 8 months.  I know that each time I go to the doctor’s office, they’re shocked at my low blood pressure, my low cholesterol, and my low resting heart rate.  I owe this to Pearl so of course we bake her a cake, put candles on it, and ‘help’ her blow them out.

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One thought on “Yes, We Are One of THOSE Families

  1. That is cute! We buy Pixel an expensive pack of kitty food for his birthday, and sometimes he doesn’t even like it but prefers the usual kind *laughing*

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