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Brainwave Technology: The New Wave in Complementary Health

Recently, I completed an online writing course.  I must stress the word completed because before I discovered Immrama Institute, I would have started but never finished any course no matter how interested I was in the topic.

At my age, I was finally diagnosed with ADD–it’s not that I didn’t know this already but I have medical confirmation of my issue.  It explains why I start things and rarely finish.  My house is full of unfinished projects needing attention along with endless ‘to do’ lists that get written but never get all the boxes checked off.  While cleaning out drawers, I always find a list or two I wrote many moons ago and sometimes the stuff still isn’t complete!

The Fear of Writing Course is six weeks long and it was intense.  I had to write two stories per week that required deep concentration.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it all done but I decided to try the Writer’s Mind mp3 from Immrama Institute to see what would happen when my brainwaves were pummeled with binaural beats.

Sitting still and writing for any length of time used to be so difficult for me but after listening to the Writer’s Mind faithfully while completing an assignment, I had no problems.  In fact, I usually listened to the mp3 for at least an hour and a half daily.  And here’s the crazy part–my writing improved and became more creative.  I wrote a science fiction story that ended up being 15 pages long (single spaced), and I don’t even like science fiction anymore!

I wanted to experiment on me first before I try these Immrama Institute’s mp3s on my children and now I have no qualms.  In fact, I’ve made it a rule that if the girls sit down and do homework, they must put on the headphones and turn on the appropriate mp3.  I have even shared Immrama Institute’s information with my youngest daughter’s teachers who are open to various and different methodologies for improving performance.

If you need to increase your attention, focus, lose weight, sleep better, or meditate for stress-relief, I cannot stress how effective the mp3s have been for me.  And right now, they’re on wicked sale (not that they were expensive before; they’re very affordable).  You can save 35% and get two free bonus mp3 tracks today with the promo code of HOLIDAY.  You also get a discount when you buy multiples.  For example, save $5 when you buy 2 items, $7 on any 3 items, $10 on any 4 items, and $12 on any 5 items.

With Thanksgiving coming up, take 24 minutes out of your day to de-stress–Immrama Institute’s Brainwave Technology may work for you.  And bonus?  No side effects!!


NOTE:  I am not a doctor and although the mp3s were effective for me, I am not claiming they can cure anything.  Each person is different so use the Immrama Institute’s programs at your own risk after doing your due diligence.  Also, I believe in this particular brainwave technology so much that I have joined their affiliate program.  The opinions are purely my own, however.



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