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Vegan Again

Tomorrow is my birthday, and because I want a lot more birthdays in order to see my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and would love to see what replaces the iPad, I have decided to go vegan for a year.

The Great Vegan Experiment starts on Saturday, the day after my birthday, because I’ll be honest with you, I asked for a specific cake and I’m pretty sure my husband got it.  God knows I cannot not have this cake.  I’ve been looking forward to it for about 4 months!

With a saying above my cooktop that reads, “There’s always room for cake…” you know I’m not going to be able to resist my own birthday cake…  So the experiment begins on Saturday.

I must admit that I am not starting from ground zero.  I made the family go vegan a couple years ago (2011?) and we lasted 3 months.  My husband caved from the pressure from our youngest daughter (yeah, I know this is wrong on so many levels), and it was especially heart-breaking because he confessed that he felt so much better while eliminating meat from his diet.  This admission from my husband is like the President of Coke saying he prefers Pepsi because my husband is an enormous meat eater.

This time, though, I will not make anyone join me.  “My” food will be the side dishes for the family but the main dishes for me.  My middle daughter does not like meat and has been mainly a vegetarian for many years, so she may become full-time vegan during this year as well.

I am turning vegan again mostly for my health.  Dr. Greger’s research constantly shows that people who follow a vegan diet have the best opportunity for a long life, but I am also doing it because of the movie Vegucated.  After seeing this movie earlier this year, I have not had any beef , and seeing pork at the grocery store makes me cry.

Confession time:  I have had chicken, salmon, and shrimp despite my best efforts to eliminate them.  On Saturday, this will all change.  I will be 100% vegan food-wise.

What I am hoping to gain is better health, and I will be sharing my Vegan Adventure with you.


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