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Pain, Pain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

I’ve been to many chiropractors before but none have the same system as Dr. Michael Berry of La Costa Chiropractic.  When I walk into Dr. Berry’s office, I am greeted like an old friend.  Diane not only remembers my name (gasp, in this day and age?) but even though she hasn’t seen me in a couple years, she recalls facts about me from way back.

I rarely wait very long for my appointment so I’ve never noticed if their magazines are current or not.  Lately I’ve been bringing my iPad to read a book, but there hasn’t been enough time to even get the unit out of my purse.  Of course there are times when I do have to wait when the practice is slammed, but the time is never excessive.

After I am taken to a room in the back, I climb onto the table face-down, and two towels on placed on my back along with two giant heated packs.  I’ve never seen what they look like in person — all I know is they feel like giants pillows of pain relief.  I’ve imagined they’re like bases from a baseball field but soothing and warm.  I should remember to ask to see them one of these days but the packs are there to get the muscles to relax, and I fear that if I see what they look like, it could ruin the experience.

Because I have pain in a specific area on my lower back, I am usually hooked up via electrodes to a device that provides stimulation to the nerves all in an attempt to get the muscles surrounding the injury to release.  The assistant always asks me how far she should dial up the gadget, and I try to go as high as I can.  It is not painful, but it does make your skin crawl a little bit.

When the unit dings indicating that it is done, the assistant comes back into the room, unhooks the electrodes, removes the pillows of pain relief, and massages me with a machine.  Yesterday, I realized it feels more like a floor waxer than a true massage.  Would I say this replaces a massage with hands?  Um, no, definitely not, but it’s there to help induce relaxation of the muscles.

But I’m willing to admit that I may be a wee bit picky after all my massages at Massage Envy.  The guy in the next room at La Costa Chiropractic groaned throughout his massage and murmured words of encouragement to the assistant.  I kept wondering what he was getting that I was not.  It was like the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally with me saying, “I’ll have what he’s having!”

Dr. Berry then comes into the room after announcing himself, and asks the usual questions like, “How are you doing today?” but he actually listens to the answer.  And then comes the snap, crackle, pop.  I don’t enjoy this part of my visit, but I realize it’s the part that is going to heal me and make my pain go away.

And that is the only goal.

We make a wee bit of small talk about the kids, and then I am sent back out to Diane or one of the other receptionists to make an another appointment.

What I like best about La Costa Chiropractic is the amount of personal attention I receive while I am there, the prompt way in which I am taken care of, and the knowledge that I am in great hands.

Dr. Berry was named Chiropractor of the Year when I first started seeing him.  He was so humble about this award.  From what I understand, it is awarded by the nomination from other chiropractors.  Regular folk would turn this into a public relations and advertising spectacle with “Named Chiropractor of the Year” all over his advertising but he didn’t do that.  He had a sign up (at his office staff’s insistence) for a week, and then it came down.  On Dr. Berry’s page on La Costa Chiropractic’s website, there’s a small blurb about the honor way at the bottom.  He never makes the service he provides about him, it is truly all about you.

I definitely recommend La Costa Chiropractic, and I do so without hesitation.

Note:  I did not receive any compensation for this review.  My opinions are my own.  Even if I did receive something, I’d still say, “Go see Dr. Berry!”


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