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The Second Ultimate Reset with Coach Kristen

A few years ago, I was introduced to BeachBody by my friend, Kristen.  I think I started out by buying Shakeology through her, then fell off the wagon, then got restarted, and then finally got hooked on it enough to drink a shake daily.

I truly enjoyed the shake and looked forward to drinking it, especially after I figured out how to make it taste like chocolate cake batter (hint: make the shake in a Nutribullet with organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a little ice), but my weight still wasn’t budging. I didn’t know it at the time but I had an autoimmune condition called Hashimotos thyroiditis and if you suffer from a thyroid problem, you know that no matter what you do (eat only carrot sticks and drink seltzer water for 12 days straight), you will not lose any weight.  My diet wasn’t horrible but it was disheartening to weigh as much as I did with all the good food I was eating and all the exercise I engaged in daily.

Kristen introduced me to a program after I had been on Shakeology for many months called The Ultimate Reset by Beachbody.  I’d never heard of it before but I was willing to give it a try.  I was determined to prove to the world that no matter what, I could not possibly lose weight.  Something was wrong with me and I didn’t know what it was.  I only knew that the pounds were packing on and the fatter I got, the more depressed I got.  I didn’t want to see anybody.  I didn’t want to buy any new clothes, or do anything that brought me joy.

I remember opening up the Ultimate Reset package after it was delivered and finding all sorts of goodies but the most important component of the program is the booklet that comes in the box.  It explains everything you need to know about the program, what to expect, why you’re doing certain things in a certain order, the daily and weekly menus, and the recipes.

I was overwhelmed with the volume of information in the box but then the next thing I knew, Kristen stuck me in an online support group through Facebook.  Any time I had a question, I just went to the group and read what other people had done in my same situation.  Usually someone had the problem before and many people had already answered.  I was never left not knowing what to do next.


Following the program was easy once I got into it.  Getting a few days under my belt, I began to relax into the system.  The hardest part was making the food.  The recipes are for single servings so I was not only making meals from scratch but also making my family’s at the same time.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes and measuring spoons.

On certain occasions at the dinner table, my husband asked if he could try what I was eating, and of course I shared.  Each time he sampled what I was eating, he would tell me he loved it and I should make enough for the whole family.  He was eating food I never thought he’d touch because he was a Captain Crunch and Chips Ahoy kind of guy but he ate many things from the Ultimate Reset recipe book.  To this day, many years later, I still make many of the recipes like the roasted pumpkin seeds, the veggie stir-fry, the tomato and cucumber salad, the tacos, and definitely all of the homemade salad dressings.

Now that I’ve caught you up with my Ultimate Reset and Hashimotos history, I feel like it’s time to do another Ultimate Reset.  I felt so much better when I made each of the recommended meals for myself.  And the amazing thing was that I wasn’t hungry for a second.  In fact, I ate more food and more fat than I’ve ever had on any other diet.

And here’s the Ultimate Catch: I lost 14 lbs in 21 days eating more food and more fat than ever before.  Yep, the person with an undiagnosed (at the time) thyroid condition lost 14 lbs.  That’s 1-4.  I don’t know who was more surprised, me or my scale.

I received 24/7 support from my online Facebook group which I won’t get now because I didn’t order a new kit, but I am getting text support from Kristen because she’s a great coach and wants to see me succeed.  I want to see if the program works the same way without the supplements.  If it doesn’t, I will order the whole program all over again.  I must be honest with you and let you know that it’s rather pricey if you’re on a budget but it’s so worth it because the program actually works. And there’s other benefits than just the weight loss.  I can imagine that my cholesterol and blood pressure went down while on this program along with my waistline.

I still have my thyroid issue but I’ve been taking my Levothyroxine consistently for the past couple weeks (yes, I wasn’t consistent until about two weeks ago!).  I’m hoping I will have similar results as the previous time.

So cheers to Day One of the Ultimate Reset.  Wish me luck.  My graduation date is October 9th.  I’m off to make my scrambled eggs, cooked spinach, and gluten-free/vegan toast for my first breakfast.  Join me tomorrow as I write out my goals for this Reset.

Doesn’t really look like a diet, does it??



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